Stock Options – I got a grant, now what! Brown Bag Lunch with Bill Richter

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm


Stock Options – I got a grant, now what!

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Join SCW Resource Member Bill Richter, of Richter Law Offices, for a discussion of stock options from the service provider (including founder) perspective.

Questions for discussion include:  What does it mean to receive an option?  Are there any adverse consequences upon receipt of a grant?  Do I need to be concerned about Section 409A of the tax code?  And what are Section 83(b) elections?   Does it matter if I have an ISO or an NSO?  How does option exercise work?  Taxes, Taxes, Taxes!   What might I try to negotiate, when and why?  What happens if I leave, get fired, become disabled or die?  What might happen to my options on acquisition?  They gave me the option plan, it’s long, do I really need to read it?  What might the future hold for options as incentive and retention tools generally?


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