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SCW Member Digital NEST: Entrepreneur of the Year

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From all of us at Santa Cruz Works: congratulations to Jacob Martinez, founder and executive director of Digital NEST, for being named the Entrepreneur of the Year by the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce! Digital NEST is a non-profit high-tech training and collaboration space for young people ages 12-24. It provides free access to computers, wifi, and software in an effort to teach underserved youth the skills they'll need to succeed in a high-tech economy.

Santa Cruz Works Is Hiring a Program Manager

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I know: meta, right? The non-profit that's all about creating great jobs in Santa Cruz County is, in fact, creating its own great job, which will in turn create even more great jobs, thus creating additional great jobs, lather, rinse, repeat. Anyway....

So, we're hiring a new program manager to assist us with our mission of making Santa Cruz County a great place to start, sustain, and grow great sciene and technology companies. Interested? We hope so! Here're the deets:

Why Santa Cruz Works

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Those of us who work here in Santa Cruz know that its a great place to start a company or launch a career. And it's also an amazing place to live and play. We found five people who embody that spirit of "live, work, and play" and we asked them to tell us their stories. We think the videos below will inspire you about what's possible if you're looking to start, sustain, and grow a great science or technology company in Santa Cruz.

In the first video, we meet Nick Fogler, who used to work over the hill and now works for local startup Looker