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How to Tell Customer Stories That Sell: 5 Tips From Drew Meyer of Amazon Web Services

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Drew Meyer of Amazon Web Services in Santa Cruz

Generating excitement around a cloud storage service may sound like a mission impossible, but to Drew Meyer, the lead for Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud storage portfolio global product marketing team, it’s all in a day’s work. Meyer’s job is to break down, in his words, “extraordinarily geeky” concepts like block file and object storage into narratives that resonate with regular people. Unlike the product he sells, one of his most successful marketing strategies is surprisingly simple and applies to any type of business. The secret? Tell customer stories.  

Cosmic Goes All-in On Social Good

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Santa Cruz-based marketing agency Cosmic has always worked with social good organizations, but the company’s client roster has also included a broad array of Silicon Valley B2B companies, startups and tech projects. Recently, founder and creative director Eric Ressler and the Cosmic team made the decision to go all-in on working with brands and companies with a social good angle.

Toy Story: How Looker supports discovery

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By David Apgar, GoalScreen

“Looker?” asked the sales consultant over the roar of 5,000 entrepreneurs and engineers frantically canvassing the vendor hall at The Indus Entrepreneurs 2018 Inflect conference in Santa Clara. Pivoting in front of his company’s neural-net mandala logo, he shrugged. “It’s a toy.”

In a way, the comment was to be expected. Ever since Gartner included it in the IT consultancy’s Magic Quadrant of 20 top business-analytics providers, Looker has become a target.

Building a Media Empire for Your Tech Company: a Q&A with Gary Bird from FortyThree PR

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FortyThree is one of the best kept secrets in Santa Cruz. A tech-focused PR agency with international reach, the company quietly resides in an office overlooking Pacific Avenue. Founded by Gary Bird, FortyThree rarely works with local companies, so the team keeps a low-profile by design.

Change Your Buying Habits, Make Money, and Save the Planet with Sellhound

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Co-Hounders, Suzanne Wouk and Geoff Dillon, of Sellhound at NextSpace in Santa Cruz

By Molly Ressler

As a teenager in Israel, Suzanne Wouk, CEO and Co-Hounder of Sellhound, spent her free time searching for secondhand treasures at thrift stores. On one of her searches, she purchased a bag of vintage women’s clothing for the equivalent of $1 and then sold it to another shop down the street for $100. For a sixteen-year-old, this was on par with winning the lottery. Wouk was hooked.